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Our mission is to ensure:

  • that the container equipment is kept in a safe, serviceable and presentable condition and complies with international standards at all times
  • that out of service time for container equipment due to damage is kept at an absolute minimum to avoid shortage of equipment
  • that all work is carried out in conformity with our quality requirement, especially those related to safety.

Maersk Enviromental Policy

Maersk is dedicated to protecting the environment while also providing sustainable end-to-end solutions.

We always take constant care to ensure responsible operational practices minimise, reduce and prevent negative environmental impacts in the communities we operate in.

We always aim to reduce consumption of natural resources including water, fossil fuels and raw materials.

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Introduction to the new 3/6h (023B) HF 440v Plug

Dear Colleagues

We are very happy to announce the imminent arrival of the new updated 3/6h 440v marine plug. The main concept of this plug shares the same principle as the previous 3/6h plug (023), offering the ability to switch between 3 and 6 o’clock positions, (between marine and commercial installations), without damaging the plug or by-passing any safety features. The operation of the new 3/6h mechanism is different in its operation compared to the previous 3/6h plug version (023T/S); details on how the new plug shall be installed and works, can be found in the attached bulletin COM00021.1 and in the sperate installation instructions.

Taking the experience gained from the previous 3/6h plug, improvements that have been made include:

  • A one-piece composite body instead of two-part body.
  • 3/6h operation reduced from 180° to 90°.
  • Wire protectors are internally installed, so no need for ferrules to be installed on to the earth and phase wires.
  • To ensure each wire has the correct machinal connection, T10 Torx sheer screws are installed. 
  • Required length of insulation/jacket/exposed wiring can be determined from external reference points on the plug, for easy installation.
  • Further improved 3/6h safety locking device, to stop the plug be used in the wrong power outlet type.

Please remember the internal wire connectors will require a T10 Torx screwdriver/bit during installation. This is also mentioned in the attached documents. Like the FSKIII splice kit, the screw heads need to be removed to ensure correct installation.

We have received many questions in the past about how to remove the yellow cable jacket and filler from the 440v cable, therefore we have included an example tool for removing these in the attached (COM00021.1). There are many different versions of these tools available, however they do make a difference towards personal safety, replacement quality and time saving.

The latest Maersk consumables list has been updated to include the new 3/6h plug, attached. (COM00018.3).

MERC+ is currently being setup with the new part number and part associations and will be completed very soon. A short video is currently being compiled on how to install the new plug and operate it by MCI. We will advise when this is released.

Detailed documents are available in Bulletins section.

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